“She has a knack for tapping into your psyche. Her paintings are full of memories that all of us share: chasing butterflies, on a warm summer afternoon... dying to open a bottle of your mother’s fingernail polish... that special “twirl” dress that make you feel like a princess. The subjects of her paintings may be of simple objects or a child we pass on the sidewalk everyday; however, her complex and spiritual emotions come through on every canvas she paints. Lila has the gift for painting the things that make us reflect on the past and gives us hope for the future.

Graves has published a book of paintings, photographs and verse entitled White Wings, that tells the story of her miraculous experience with terminal melanoma cancer. It is a remarkable journal of her path to become a survivor of cancer and life. Her journey is truly a joyous testimony to the healing power of art that she now shares with her two beautiful daughters Lucy and Bea.”

Excerpt - Home on the Lake Magazine